• Me: Janel played this incredibly complex character who was a former loser turned It Girl who played dumb while actually being a genius computer hacker who can near perfectly imitate voices and eventually had a psychotic break because of her mental illness and recuperated from it enough to understand the things she did were wrong, own up to them, and try to make up for them in any way she could while trying to protect herself because she was just an insecure, teenage girl.
  • Friend: That... is one hell of a role to handle.

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I hate you, Marlene.

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We've already heard A's voice!


Who knew we’ve known what Big A’s voice sounds like since the season 2 finale?

In 2x25, when Mona gets caught, there is a scene where we are supposed to believe she is having a monologue. However, when you pay close attention to it, you will be able to recognize TWO different voices, not just…

This is insane.

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